Tuesday, January 14, 2014


This is my personal blog. I post poems, stories, excerpts from my historical novel, historical photos, and all variety of musings.  I frequently post comments on issues of a controversial nature. It makes me a little apprehensive to share my personal views where people from all over the world can and do read them.  It’s not my intention to suggest that my views are better or more relevant than the views of others. Over a period of time, these posts may not even accurately represent my own views. They’re simply my evolving thoughts on a variety of subjects. Bear in mind, I began this blog in 2010, so as you scroll down through these posts, you’re proceeding backwards through a developing process. I don’t claim to be an expert, an economist, or a theologian, and it’s not my intention to deliberately offend anyone, but some will undoubtedly be offended. It’s certainly not my intention to criticize people who have beliefs other than my own. I’m simply sharing my current interpretations and evaluations, based on my own reading of scripture, my personal perspective on worldwide and political events, and my efforts to follow Christ, day by day, over the last fifty years.  SC

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