Sunday, January 26, 2014

Creation & Evolution

I am not sufficiently foolhardy to share this little parable in Sunday school, but this is my own personal blog, and I’m at liberty to share it here. I know there are those who feel compelled to believe that two colossal callused hands descended from the heavens and in a matter of moments formed a living, breathing, fully evolved human being from a ball of mud. I know many feel it to be a denial of their faith to believe otherwise. While a person of faith myself, I’m confident that the biblical account of creation is an oversimplification of biblical proportions. To my mind, there is absolutely nothing unreasonable or irreverent in believing that the spirit of God was behind a long complicated process of creation which many refer to as evolution, or that the early chapters of the book of Geneses are a biblical account of the creation and evolution of life on this planet, by an awesome, incomprehensible force which some call God. In this age of faith, science, and reason, there is absolutely nothing theoretical about evolution, any more than gravity or any other long established law of nature is considered theory. Believe what you want, but making evolution a stumbling block for a world which is hungry for hope is counterproductive and certainly no service to Christ.  SC 

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