Monday, January 6, 2014

Be patient, prayerful, hopeful, and above all, involved

Students of history will have heard of the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, the fall of the Roman Empire, and numerous other events throughout history, which took place largely because wealth accumulated in the hands of a select few, until things eventually reached a tipping point, and it all came crashing down.  Over the last few decades, a remarkably small number of people in our country have found themselves in the position to abuse great wealth in order to accumulate additional wealth beyond anything we can imagine.  In the process, the vast majority of us have found ourselves hard pressed to survive. The fabulous wealth in the hands of these relatively few, has allowed these people to manipulate the media and every aspect of our lives.  As a part of this manipulation, they’ve deliberately and very successfully created a degree of enmity between us, which dwarfs the degree of animosity responsible for our first civil war.  We’ve never fully recovered from our first civil war; it’s entirely possible we’d not survive another.  If unleashed in our streets today, the degree of hatred and contempt among the numerous inflamed factions of our country would result in a level of death, destruction, and chaos along side of which most doomsday scenarios would pale.  Through our entertainment media, we in this country have become fascinated with imaginary doomsday scenarios, after which we all leave the theater or turn off the widescreen, and find everything largely intact.  That will not be the case if the level of dementia in this country reaches the point at which we deliberately create a real one.  We’ve reached a point now that it’s entirely within our power to destroy our civilization as we know it.  Despite the wishes and expectations of some, this old world is likely to go on, in one form or another, with us or without us, for a long time to come.  If we’re able to regain some degree of sanity and compromise, we may well be here to enjoy it.  These days we hear a great deal of hogwash regarding the collapse of our government.  This Nation has the most effective form of government anywhere in the world.  We have had for over two hundred years.  It seems foolhardy to me to tear it all down unless we have something other than anarchy with which to replace it. There are real signs for hope in our world today.  Despite its current disarray, our system of government suffers from nothing that can’t be set right by working within the system.  Unregulated, unimaginable, and untaxed wealth in the hands of the few has created our current dilemma, and absolute power inevitably corrupts and eventually self-destructs. There are countless examples of this throughout history. One way or another, time will rectify our current imbalance.  It always does. Lord willing, through the passionate and civil efforts of reasonable people, unity, prosperity, and even patriotism will once more be achieved. Be patient, prayerful, hopeful, and above all, involved.  The future of our children, our way of life, and the very planet on which we live, is in the hands of those who’ll protect and preserve it.  SC

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