Monday, September 19, 2016

Note to self:

Each and every day, each and every one of us, regardless of our circumstances, has a choice.  We can squander our time fingering old welts, second guessing past decisions, and tormenting ourselves over the poor choices of others; or we can embrace a new day brimming with opportunities for doing justly, loving mercy, and building foundations for a bright new tomorrow.  Time is precious.  Choose wisely. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

No one is a duckbilled platypus on purpose.

This ol’ world is home to an endless variety of colorful creatures, and while it’s true that our choices will influence what we become, no one is a duckbilled platypus on purpose. Be kind and count your blessings.  SC

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Fulfillment, Potential and limitless Hope

SC 1959
Once upon a time, almost everyone was young and optimistic. A few short months from now, Lord willing, I’ll celebrate my 65th birthday.  Like almost everything else, getting old has advantages and disadvantages. There’s much we can learn from old people.  Most of my dearest friends are old people.  I spend several hours every week visiting old people.  It appears to me as though the biggest downside to getting old may well be the disillusionment that comes from years of experience, hard learned lessons, and the inevitable disappointments that seem inherent in life. If you discuss tomorrow’s challenges with old people, nine out of ten, are inclined to deny them, ignore them, or blame someone. If you’re looking for encouragement, discuss the future with the youth who prepare to inherit it. Where old people find disillusionment and failure, young people see opportunities to learn from past mistakes. Young people see a world where the long sought goals of past generations are realized every day, and previously unimaginable discoveries lie in wait. Young people see fulfillment, potential and limitless hope. Value experience, learn from the past, and cherish those whose efforts made yesterday possible, but celebrate youth, rejoice in hope, and fortify yourself with visions of a bright tomorrow. SC