Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Liberty and Justice prevail and Freedom endures

Preamble to the Constitution of the United States of America

“We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

I read the Preamble over and over and suggest you do the same.  The Preamble is an essential cornerstone to everything upon which our country is built.  It is a vital element in the foundation of our greatness, the goal for which true Americans strive, and succinctly establishes the purposes for a government of, by, and for we the people; a government that maintains our Union, upholds our Constitution, and defends us against the anarchy, abuse and rebellion that would surely ensue without a strong federal government and those who defend and preserve it. There are now and have always been those who consider themselves above, exempt from, or fully capable of evading the law, and who denounce and oppose those who uphold our nation’s values and strive ever onward toward a society dedicated to the concept of freedom and justice for all. Many people are well intentioned but mislead and misinformed, manipulated by those who serve money, unconstrained greed, and the corruption in which it inevitably results. As always, history will validate those who honor and uphold justice. Achieving the goals of the Preamble has been a long and uphill struggle, and progress is slow, but liberty and justice prevail and freedom endures. The Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. summed it up quite nicely, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice”. SC

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Creation & Evolution

I am not sufficiently foolhardy to share this little parable in Sunday school, but this is my own personal blog, and I’m at liberty to share it here. I know there are those who feel compelled to believe that two colossal callused hands descended from the heavens and in a matter of moments formed a living, breathing, fully evolved human being from a ball of mud. I know many feel it to be a denial of their faith to believe otherwise. While a person of faith myself, I’m confident that the biblical account of creation is an oversimplification of biblical proportions. To my mind, there is absolutely nothing unreasonable or irreverent in believing that the spirit of God was behind a long complicated process of creation which many refer to as evolution, or that the early chapters of the book of Geneses are a biblical account of the creation and evolution of life on this planet, by an awesome, incomprehensible force which some call God. In this age of faith, science, and reason, there is absolutely nothing theoretical about evolution, any more than gravity or any other long established law of nature is considered theory. Believe what you want, but making evolution a stumbling block for a world which is hungry for hope is counterproductive and certainly no service to Christ.  SC 

Posterity's Future, Evolution, Global Warming, and Theology versus Reason

There are those among us who stubbornly deny reality and cling to the past. I sympathize and share your tendency. That being said, science is the observation and classification of provable facts, and denying facts is foolish and expensive. While knowledge of the past is admirable, a bright future depends on science and technology. Some see a bright and prosperous future as a result of education, while others continue to believe the world is flat. I myself am a reasoning person of faith. Cherish your faith, but not at the expense of reason. Never diminish the future in deference to the past.  SC

Saturday, January 25, 2014


The sun will be coming up soon and you have a choice. You can sprawl there on your ever-expanding posterior, suck up some more sugars and Trans fats, and continue transforming yourself into Jabba the Hutt, or you can get to your feet and begin making yourself into someone that others will have some use for.  You have potential.  You have choices.  With the right attitude, the right foods, and a little bit of exercise and initiative, you can begin today better than yesterday, tomorrow better than today, and next week ready to take the world by storm! Stand up, breathe deep, and make today count.  SC

Monday, January 20, 2014


Perhaps when I’m forgotten and gone,
A scrap of my scribbles will linger on,
And a pretty, young lady will read it and miss
A sad, old poet, & blow me a kiss;
Or perhaps some child will giggle with glee
At a whimsical rhyme that was left by me. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

This blog's pageviews for the last month. Pretty Cool!

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Google statistics continue to indicate that there are people from all over this little blue orb that take a few moments from their busy day to read this blog. While I still have no clue who you are, I want you to know that I’m gratified by your interest and I appreciate your time. I pray that God will direct my efforts and help me to share something worthwhile, or at least mildly amusing. Please forgive me on those occasions when I do not. SC


We’re cautioned against consuming the contents of our Bible, cafeteria style, meaning selecting only our favorite morsels and disregarding the rest. While I don’t disagree with that admonition, the truly essential ingredient in scripture is Christ’s message of hope, faith and charity. If taken outside the context of Christ’s message of love, many scriptures are easily misconstrued. There are far too many people in the world today who’ve been led to believe that being gut-wrenchingly conservative is the same thing as following the Savior.  Suffice it to say, I disagree.  If your actions don’t show compassion and mercy, best dust off your Bible, because you’re not following Christ. SC

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


This is my personal blog. I post poems, stories, excerpts from my historical novel, historical photos, and all variety of musings.  I frequently post comments on issues of a controversial nature. It makes me a little apprehensive to share my personal views where people from all over the world can and do read them.  It’s not my intention to suggest that my views are better or more relevant than the views of others. Over a period of time, these posts may not even accurately represent my own views. They’re simply my evolving thoughts on a variety of subjects. Bear in mind, I began this blog in 2010, so as you scroll down through these posts, you’re proceeding backwards through a developing process. I don’t claim to be an expert, an economist, or a theologian, and it’s not my intention to deliberately offend anyone, but some will undoubtedly be offended. It’s certainly not my intention to criticize people who have beliefs other than my own. I’m simply sharing my current interpretations and evaluations, based on my own reading of scripture, my personal perspective on worldwide and political events, and my efforts to follow Christ, day by day, over the last fifty years.  SC

Monday, January 13, 2014

Be wary of pretenders

About.com, Christianity: “John the Baptist is one of the most distinctive characters in the New Testament. He had an unusual flair for fashion, wearing wild-looking clothing made of camel's hair and a leather belt around his waist. He lived in the desert wilderness, ate locust and wild honey and preached a strange message. Unlike so many people, John the Baptist knew his mission in life. He clearly understood that he had been set apart by God for a purpose.

John the Baptist passionately urged that we each consider our ways and repent.  I believe that to be good advice today, and probably more urgent than ever. There are a good many professed Christians in the world today, and an endless and infinite variety.  Some actually make an effort to follow the teaching of Christ.  Many do not.  Be wary of pretenders.  SC

Treasure and carefully preserve your memories, once every moment is a senior moment, your memories are irretrievable. SC

Deep freeze of 2013

Saturday, January 11, 2014

The human mind is a remarkable thing. With a sound mind, a good heart, and a little bit of faith, a person could move a mountain. I believe I've read that somewhere. That or something similar. ;)

Flinching with every twitch!

One cool, blustery day in early March, we were busying ourselves with our usual mule grooming chores.  Lidge was checking out an ol’ mule’s teeth, and I was around back fixin’ to curry out her tail. Dad had just outfitted the old gal with a shiny new set of iron shoes. All at once her ears come down, her hind end kind o’ bunched up, and a hind foot come snatchin’ out and rung my shinbone like a bell! I collapsed to the ground frantically rubbing my throbbing ankle and desperately fighting my inclination to besmirch that mule’s pedigree, and Lidge grinned at me like I was just off the boat!  “I figured you knowed better than that.” he says, with his lips curled back and his molars all catchin’ sunlight. “When an ol’ mule’s hind end puckers up that a way, you best drop and roll.”  “I thought that’s what ya done in case of fire.” I said, dusting my drawers and struggling to find my feet.  “When an old mule behaves that a way” Lidge says, offering me a hand up, “you can reckon she’s fixin’ to fire!” I cautiously resumed my enterprise, keepin’ an eye peeled for any further sign of insubordination, and flinching with every twitch!  OBIE, THE CAMP ACCOUNT

Smith Flat, home of Three Mile House and the Blue Lead Mine.

The early 1850s found old Hangtown up one minute and down the next, but always hanging tough.  The irrepressible ravine city was forever booming or busting.  In 1852 the little metropolis was thriving, and rapidly gaining renown as the bustling hub of activity in the heart of the mother lode.  The picturesque structures along Main Street were in a constant state of metamorphosis.  The tinder dry buildings were forever burning down, abandoned, or completely renovated. Main Street itself, for whatever reason, never seemed to change.  The real estate changed hands, and the ramshackle, rough-sawn facades were gradually replaced by brick and iron, but the dusty, rut-riddled boulevard held tenaciously to its steady, time-honored course; passed the courthouse, down the grade, and widening for its familiar promenade at the bellower, before narrowing at the Round Tent and making a beeline passed the cozy inns and the dimly lit saloons. The already infamous settlement gradually spread northward into Bedford’s tent city and eastward up Hangtown Creek. Eventually referred to as upper and lower town, the long narrow settlement was bisected by a crossing near Blair’s Lumber Yard where upper town proceeded eastward along the creek until gradually petering out just short of Smith Flat, home of Three Mile House and the Blue Lead Mine.  SC



Friday, January 10, 2014

Every single season tolled melodiously with bells.

Once upon a time, the world rang with bells.  There were cowbells, school bells, dinner bells, train bells, doorbells, ships’ bells, fire bells, church bells, hames bells, Christmas bells, and of course, The Bell Tower. Every single season tolled melodiously with bells. These days, not even phones ring, they just erupt incessantly into electronically generated cacophonies! I miss real live bells!  SC    

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Placerville, California Forni's Market 1936

S. T. Casebeer


Ahhhooogaaa Oooga  Oooga!

Push, Woman, Push!

This time of year, many of us who live on rural routes in the Ozarks, enjoy the singular novelty of commuting frequently on ice covered dirt roads.  The upcoming weekend’s forecast suggests a classic January thaw, and a gradual transition from conditions conducive to sliding off the road, to those suggesting the equally invigorating prospect of being buried axel deep in it! Always an adventure.  SC

Senility, or cognitive indigestion? This well help.

Come here a minute. I have something to share with you.  Most will simply attribute this little missive to senility or cognitive indigestion, but a few may benefit.  More and more during these demanding times, my brain seems perpetually and unnecessarily busy. Sometimes I wish I could simply unplug it and take a breather.  It’s like it just gets stuck in gear, and I’d give anything to shift into neutral and let it idle.  I’m going to share something that frequently works for me.  First of all, I’ve always assumed that on those occasions when I was smiling, I was smiling because I was genuinely happy.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized the exact opposite is true. I’ve found that if I’ll just take a moment and smile, the smile alone is enough to make me happy. It’s like my mind figures if my face is happy, it may as well tag along. I see that look on your face; just bear with me for a moment. Okay, moving on, when nothing else relieves my aching neck, frayed nerves, and sense of impending doom, a few minutes of quiet time is called for.  If possible, I walk out to my cabin at Littlethicket.  I sit in my rocker, in the sunshine on the porch if possible. I take the deepest breath I can, hold it as long as I can, and then slowly exhale.  I repeat that several times.  I slide down in my chair so that my head is supported, close my eyes, and just breathe slowly and rhythmically for a few minutes.  Then I relax each muscle group, one at a time. At this point a mantra can be helpful.  Mantra is a term frequently used in relation to meditation, and while this could be considered a form of meditation, there’s nothing necessarily mystical or mysterious about it. A mantra is simply a word or short phrase that suggests something pleasant to you.  Simply repeat that phrase slowly, while envisioning whatever peace and joy it suggests to you, until all other concerns gradually fade from your consciousness. Simply put, a mantra occupies your mind, resulting in the reduction or exclusion of all other thoughts. I use the name of the main character from my novel, Obadiah Jeremiah Hezekiah Camp.  That name repeated slowly and in rhythm with my breathing, transports my thoughts to the peaceful tranquility of the mountains and absolute peace.  It isn’t necessary to say your mantra out loud, just thinking it is sufficient. Wherever your mantra takes you, spend some time there. Eventually you’ll feel your entire mind and body beginning to decompress. If you have a Deity, this is a good time to thank them for your blessings.  Personally, I thank Christ. Now, take another deep breath, slowly let it out, and begin listening closely to your surroundings.  If I’m at my cabin, I may hear the peep, chirp, and flutter of birds at the bird feeder, or the sound of a buck removing the velvet from his antlers on a sapling across the meadow, or the periodic tinkling of my wind chimes. Now open your eyes, take a deep, refreshing breath, feel the warm, healing sunshine pouring deep into your soul, smile as big as you can, and be happy.  SC    

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Occasionally leave a candle to light the way

Regardless of what part of the planet we call home, we all have much in common.  No one chooses where, when, or under what circumstances we’re born.  We walk the path we’re given, in the light we’re given. That’s why it’s never productive to judge others.  Some have a brightly lit and easy path, and others struggle all their life in darkness. Despite my being poor as a church mouse, much of my life has been marvelously bright and blessed.  With that in mind and for what if anything its worth, I’ll take a moment to leave this candle, in the hope that it might light somebody’s way.
   First of all, set aside a bright, roomy section of your mind and fill it with all your best memories.  Visit it often and never enter without first removing your shoes.  Keep it immaculate and it will serve you well. Share it with your Deity, whatever you perceive him to be.
   Sharpen your awareness of the natural wonders that surround us, and encourage it’s appreciation in others. Be cognizant of life’s cycles, appreciating each new season in turn, while realizing fully that despite our best efforts, time is resolute, and with time each season will pass. Embrace each new season with hope and optimism, while retaining all that’s best of seasons past.
   Do not be drawn into meaningless, futile, debilitating debates with loud, obnoxious people. Just consider the source and when possible avoid their venting. Their noise is a noxious vapor, and repulsed silence is often the appropriate response. I have good news.  Your loudmouth neighbor, your loudmouth in-law, and the loudmouth in your Sunday school class, all have one thing in common; they don’t know squat.  They’re just noisy.  Relax and ignore them, and don’t encourage their clamor.  Be mindful of your example to others; it’s your most effective testimony.  Value truth and consider the cost of deceit. 
   If you’re blessed to live in a country where you’re afforded the privilege to vote, by all means do so. Cherish and reverently exercise your right to vote and promote freedom for all people of the world. Many people have given their lives in order to secure the freedoms you enjoy today.  Honor their sacrifice.  Honor your veterans and all those who choose a life of service. Honor individuality, revere tolerance and exhort all those who lift up the cause of freedom. Confront ignorance, and be diligent in the advancement of knowledge.  Ignorance and intolerance are almost inseparable, and despite what some will tell you, neither one is a virtue.
   Positive outcomes are never achieved through negative actions. Respond to others as you’d have them respond to you. Be open to affection but wary of unwholesome pleasures. And do not be deceived. Deceit is ephemeral; lies and indiscretions will eventually come to light. Every action has a consequence.  When considering any action, before proceeding, think the scenario through to its logical conclusion.  You can never undo a thoughtless deed, and carelessly sewn seeds produce a ponderous harvest.
   Anything that you are unable to do in good conscience and moderation, do not do!  Eat nutritiously and judiciously, consistently burning more calories than you consume, until you’ve achieved your ideal weight, and you will be healthier, more industrious, more prosperous, more popular, profoundly gratified, and gut wrenchingly contented.  It’s what all the ages have striven for.
   Celebrate ethnicity; take pride in your own heritage, but value the traditions of others.  Our world’s greatest strength is diversity; honor diversity and strengthen humanities bond. While I am generally conservative in my own actions, I am passionately liberal in defense of the choices of others. Personal choices, that’s what freedom is. Remember always that you are as good as any and better than none. Be just, merciful, humble, and be happy.
   Most of us pursue happiness through an all consuming quest to attain one thing that others will covet.  That’s our nature, inherent in our robes of flesh.  We seek validation through what we have, to justify who we are.  That one thing may be a grandiose house, a pretentious spouse, or all variety of shiny, superfluous possessions. Failing in this pursuit, our happiness remains elusive. Even when we’re successful, our satisfaction is generally fleeting.  If your goal is happiness, make that one thing an optimistic attitude.  Invest in a winning attitude, and earn dividends with every smile. If you can develop an attitude that others will admire, success is certain and happiness guaranteed.

Am I happy?  Why, I’m happy as a bug on the bow of a boat!  Have you ever watched a grasshopper at the bow of a boat, when the old steamer is churning along at a good clip, the hull is pounding the cobalt blue water into a fine spray, and the shore is sailing by; and that old grasshopper is clinging to the railing for dear life, his little antennae are trailing in the wind, his molars are all catching sunlight, his eyes are glazed over and glistening in grateful satisfaction, and the tobacco juice is streaming from the corners of his mouth and collecting in his whiskers and his ears?  Now that’s happy!  SC

I’ve been blessed to see a thousand sights that many only dream of

Dunluce Castle, coast of Northern Ireland
“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.” So says Mark Twain, and as usual I believe Sam has it right. Through the years, I’ve been blessed to travel a bit across this pale blue orb. I was born and raised in historic old Hangtown, known as Placerville, California, and raised my family in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. I’ve visited castles in Ireland and Scotland, hoisted a pint of Guinness in Belfast, and enjoyed steaming coffee from the porch of Green Gables on windswept Prince Edward Island. I’ve been piped ashore by bagpipes on the docks of Halifax, Nova Scotia, sailed down the Saint Lawrence to Quebec, and broke out in Goosebumps while swimming in the cobalt blue waters of Lake Tahoe. I’ve explored the Yucatan, marveling at the crystal clarity of Xel-ha Lagoon and the ancient Mayan ruins at Tulum, and I’ve found inspiration on the coast of Maine, as seen from the picturesque summit of Mt. Desert Island.  I’ve traveled Canada by rail, sipping wine and relaxing as spectacular fall foliage sped by my window, and I’ve ridden a crowded bus the full length of Jamaica, and lounged on the beach at Saint Thomas in the sundrenched Virgin Islands.  I’ve been blessed to see a thousand sights that many only dream of, but this world’s greatest wonder is its people.  May God bless us, each and every one, with humility and hope; Lord knows we need it.  SC

Monday, January 6, 2014

This never ceases to amaze me! These represent the page views, as per Google statistics, from last month, for this blog.

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I'm always amazed and gratified when people visit my blog, and this has been a fun day. These are Google statistics for my blog so far today, January 7, 2014

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On January 6, 856 page views

Kepada rakan-rakan kesayanganku di Malaysia, saya ingin anda kesihatan dan kebahagiaan. Jika anda membaca blog ini, saya ingin mendengar daripada anda. Alamat e-mel saya stcasebeer @ gmail. com.

To my dear friends in Malaysia, I wish you health and happiness. If you read this blog, I'd love to hear from you. My email address is stcasebeer@gmail.com.

Strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

I'm already way out on a limb here; I may as well begin sawing. I've always considered myself a Christian, but in recent years the label has taken on increasingly negative connotations. I believe I know why.  The concept of being a chosen and exclusive people is immediately problematic.  That’s why the Bible is peppered through and through with variations of the word humility. Early Christians were called to go out as sheep among wolves and be harmless as doves.  They were called to love their enemies, turn the other cheek, do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with their God. Christians were called to spread the good news that Christ and His teaching provided answers to all their problems.  Those answers were Hope, Faith & Charity.  In short, they were called to love their God above all things, and love all people, particularly sinners and their enemies, as they loved themselves.  If you've read and believe the Scriptures, then you have to believe those were not merely suggestions, but requirements. There are sincere but mislead believers all over the world, praying for Revival, but there will be no Revival until self-righteous pretenders actually repent and follow the teachings of Christ. Today Christianity has been largely hijacked by big money and politics.  Too often in organized religion today, love is given lip service, but followers are encouraged to beat others into submission when other attempts fail, and to force their beliefs on others in any way that proves effective. Churches have expenses, and once again the love of and need for money becomes the root of evil.  I love Christ with all my heart, but I’m increasingly hesitant to call myself a Christian.  That breaks my heart, but that is how I feel. SC

Be patient, prayerful, hopeful, and above all, involved

Students of history will have heard of the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, the fall of the Roman Empire, and numerous other events throughout history, which took place largely because wealth accumulated in the hands of a select few, until things eventually reached a tipping point, and it all came crashing down.  Over the last few decades, a remarkably small number of people in our country have found themselves in the position to abuse great wealth in order to accumulate additional wealth beyond anything we can imagine.  In the process, the vast majority of us have found ourselves hard pressed to survive. The fabulous wealth in the hands of these relatively few, has allowed these people to manipulate the media and every aspect of our lives.  As a part of this manipulation, they’ve deliberately and very successfully created a degree of enmity between us, which dwarfs the degree of animosity responsible for our first civil war.  We’ve never fully recovered from our first civil war; it’s entirely possible we’d not survive another.  If unleashed in our streets today, the degree of hatred and contempt among the numerous inflamed factions of our country would result in a level of death, destruction, and chaos along side of which most doomsday scenarios would pale.  Through our entertainment media, we in this country have become fascinated with imaginary doomsday scenarios, after which we all leave the theater or turn off the widescreen, and find everything largely intact.  That will not be the case if the level of dementia in this country reaches the point at which we deliberately create a real one.  We’ve reached a point now that it’s entirely within our power to destroy our civilization as we know it.  Despite the wishes and expectations of some, this old world is likely to go on, in one form or another, with us or without us, for a long time to come.  If we’re able to regain some degree of sanity and compromise, we may well be here to enjoy it.  These days we hear a great deal of hogwash regarding the collapse of our government.  This Nation has the most effective form of government anywhere in the world.  We have had for over two hundred years.  It seems foolhardy to me to tear it all down unless we have something other than anarchy with which to replace it. There are real signs for hope in our world today.  Despite its current disarray, our system of government suffers from nothing that can’t be set right by working within the system.  Unregulated, unimaginable, and untaxed wealth in the hands of the few has created our current dilemma, and absolute power inevitably corrupts and eventually self-destructs. There are countless examples of this throughout history. One way or another, time will rectify our current imbalance.  It always does. Lord willing, through the passionate and civil efforts of reasonable people, unity, prosperity, and even patriotism will once more be achieved. Be patient, prayerful, hopeful, and above all, involved.  The future of our children, our way of life, and the very planet on which we live, is in the hands of those who’ll protect and preserve it.  SC

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mankind marvels, Truth prevails, and the whole world reverberates within

The vast, moderate majority moves slowly onward toward the goal, as expressed in the preamble to our Constitution. They advance with glacial speed, force, and size, and much like a glacier in other aspects, but they advance.   The Palen’s, Cruz’s, and radical crazies of the world sprinkle the surface of this impervious force like dust on the snow, having little impact, and leaving only a barely perceivable stain which fades with time.  Beneath the massive surface, the Mandela’s, Gandhi’s, Kings, Lincolns and countless others form the strong, rhythmic, beating heart of peace, benevolence, freedom and strength through unity, E Pluribus Unum, out of many, one. Mankind marvels, Truth prevails, and the whole world reverberates within, from the irresistible force for liberty and justice for all.  SC 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Mercy, far more productive than contempt

I realize that we’re well into the first week of January, but it’s probably not too late for a New Year’s resolution.  There’s no question that our country is beginning the New Year with some serious challenges, and I freely admit that there are a handful of media celebrities and politicians in the country today, whose actions I hold in an almost uncontainable contempt. I’m not talking about our current President or any President past, present or future, or anyone else who truly values the principles of liberty and justice for all, upon which this remarkable nation is founded. I’m talking about the haters, the obstructionists, and those who value and serve their money over anything admirable, merciful, or just.  But you know what?  If you believe there’s a merciful God in Heaven, then you have to believe that positive actions are always better than negative reactions, that compassion is better than hatred, empathy better than apathy, and mercy far more productive than contempt. I’m resolved to remember that in the year ahead, and make a concerted effort to behave accordingly. It’s not my intention to encourage inaction. If ever there was a time to respond and act, it’s now.  I would simply like to encourage civility as the voice of action.  The vast, moderate majority of this great nation responds to reason when it’s not overwhelmed by the clamor of money and those who control and abuse it.  The future of this country will not be won by the belligerent voice of apathy and division, but the quiet voices of reasonable people joined together in hope and common cause.  SC

Friday, January 3, 2014

Button up your overcoat, when the wind blows free...

Expected Missouri temperatures over the next few days: lows below zero, and highs in the single digits on Monday, with intermittent snowfall this weekend and additional chances through the week. I hope you're warm and safe where you are.  Be careful out there.  SC   

Thursday, January 2, 2014

“Obie, the Camp account.”

HANGTOWN, at The Bell Tower
At our approach, several nostalgia stricken old veterans jumped to attention, removed their old campaign hats, and saluted sharply from the balcony; the community brass band tooted out a tinny but rousing rendition of “When Johnny Comes Marching Home”, and a crowd of several dozen onlookers lined the thoroughfare, reigning in youngsters and cheering enthusiastically. The streets were adorned with all variety of colorful banners, in celebration of the foothill’s annual Bartlett Pear Festival, and the atmosphere was absolutely festive! SC



I've taken great pains to produce a humorous, yet historically accurate and compelling account of my beloved ancestor's quest for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, during our remarkable country's rambunctious youth.  I believe that as we soberly asses our options for the future, we might benefit from a fresh perspective of who we are, where we've been, and what we hope to be.