Saturday, January 4, 2014

Mercy, far more productive than contempt

I realize that we’re well into the first week of January, but it’s probably not too late for a New Year’s resolution.  There’s no question that our country is beginning the New Year with some serious challenges, and I freely admit that there are a handful of media celebrities and politicians in the country today, whose actions I hold in an almost uncontainable contempt. I’m not talking about our current President or any President past, present or future, or anyone else who truly values the principles of liberty and justice for all, upon which this remarkable nation is founded. I’m talking about the haters, the obstructionists, and those who value and serve their money over anything admirable, merciful, or just.  But you know what?  If you believe there’s a merciful God in Heaven, then you have to believe that positive actions are always better than negative reactions, that compassion is better than hatred, empathy better than apathy, and mercy far more productive than contempt. I’m resolved to remember that in the year ahead, and make a concerted effort to behave accordingly. It’s not my intention to encourage inaction. If ever there was a time to respond and act, it’s now.  I would simply like to encourage civility as the voice of action.  The vast, moderate majority of this great nation responds to reason when it’s not overwhelmed by the clamor of money and those who control and abuse it.  The future of this country will not be won by the belligerent voice of apathy and division, but the quiet voices of reasonable people joined together in hope and common cause.  SC

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