Thursday, March 20, 2014

Time it seemed was an inexhaustible sea.

As a young man I tended to envision time as a vast, unlimited resource; time it seemed was an inexhaustible sea.  Now in the autumn of my life, each hour is increasingly precious, and I thirst for each minute as it drips away from an alarmingly finite pool.  Use your time well.  All around us people we love are quietly slipping away.  If you care about them, be very certain they know it.  If you’re spending your minutes on anything else, there’s a real good chance you’re not investing them wisely.  SC

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cassie & Charley in Northern Ireland


Monday, March 17, 2014

A Note to My Family FROM CASSIE

Happy St Paddy's Day!
(& Happy Birthday to our little dog Charlie!)

When Joel and I were packing our bags for this trip, we were also preparing our hearts with the expectation that God would have some re-organising to do once we arrived.  Its interesting to see what God places on your heart when He is given room to speak.

Joel has been reading quite a bit about different denominations these past two weeks. (Not sure if he will ever feel the need to blog about it, but perhaps its just something God is giving him to chew on for awhile.)

And for myself, God has been placing an emphasis for the wider church body.  It started in a powerful way one evening right before we flew home. We were attending Sunday evening worship at our Belfast church, and as I stood and looked at the body of believers around me, I felt a bit overwhelmed when thinking about leaving this family.  I got out of my seat and walked to the back of the room and up a few little steps where I could see over everyone in the room. I started to pray that God would protect my family. I told him again how I loved them, and I asked that he would bless Joel and me by renewing our visas and allowing us to return.  I began to pray about our time in America, and as I began to open up about this, he said "You need to remember to love ALL of your family." And I knew he meant that I wasn't leaving my church family, I was going to join additional family in America. He doesn't love one church more than another, they are all his children, they are all his family.

Today marks 18 days in America, and in that span we have spent time with lots of different families.
Church families, biological families, & friend families.

How blessed am I that I get to tour around and see a different family each Sunday!!  Joel and I plan to speak to several different church groups while we're here in America.  And I think they're each from different denominations!

How varied is our family! My family is full of artists, nature lovers, and plan-for-every-possible-scenario fans. Joel's family is full of musicians, sports enthusiasts, and easy-going roll-with-the-punches fans. Pomona Christian Church is our family who provided our youth group foundation. Crimson House is our spirit-filled family who understands what it means to serve the least of these. Christian Campus House is our college family that taught us how to be adults who serve Jesus in 'real life'. Spickard Christian Church is our family of the faithful, where a grandmother knows what it means to live out a 93 year long relationship with Jesus.

And that list will continue to grow the longer we are here! Its a bit like opening Christmas presents:  each individual, each family is full of gifts of the Spirit, and its so exciting to step inside and see what they are!

We are not in competition. We are many parts who make up the body of Christ.

All Things Bright & Beautiful...


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A proud American and an unapologetic follower of Christ

I'm a proud American and an unapologetic follower of Christ. I believe in doing justly, loving mercy, and walking humbly with my God, and I respect the rights of others to walk with theirs.  My ancestors arrived in this country long before the Revolutionary War.  They sought freedom and worked diligently in its cause. I’m blessed to be a citizen of a country that cherishes and upholds the principles of liberty and justice for all.  I am not called as a follower of Christ to force others to conform to my view of morality. I’m called to walk the path I’m given in the light I’m given, and to share that light with those who’ll have it. If you glimpse in any of my humble and imperfect efforts the reflection of a merciful and compassionate Savior and follow Christ as a result, I’m gratified.  If you do not, that is my shortcoming not yours. SC

Saturday, March 8, 2014

My best friends are at the nursing home. It’s a perfect friendship.  Anytime I feel like visiting I can show up unannounced with complete confidence that someone will be home and I’ll be welcome.  When my need for visiting is satisfied, I excuse myself and head home in complete confidence that I won’t be followed by someone expecting to eat. ;)