Friday, May 29, 2015

Truth, Justice and Liberty for all.

Back in the early days of biplanes and aviation, barnstorming pilots were fond of saying, any landing you could walk away from was a good landing. By that standard, and that standard only, the decades since the '50s have been good decades. It's time to benefit from the painful lessons we've learned during these difficult years, and create a society where we truly are a government of, by and for the people, bound by freedom, dedicated to mercy and unified by our mutual pursuit of Truth, Justice and Liberty for all.


Everyone today wants change.  I was born and raised in the 1950s. When I was a kid, bacon, eggs and white bread built strong bodies in 12 ways. Today they cause heart disease and obesity. In the ‘50s, a day spent in the sunshine resulted in a healthy tan. Today it causes skin cancer. In the ‘50s, bug bites caused itching and mild irritation. Today they cause Lymes disease and west Nile virus. In the 50s, coffee was cheap or free and came in one flavor, churches preached religion and left politics to politicians, and a few thousand dollars bought a new car or a house. Phones hung on walls and did not constantly disturb our peace and productivity. Our weather consisted of four reasonably predictable seasons, and droughts and flooding were exceptions, not the rule.  Banks paid us to use their services and savings accounts earned interest. People who were willing and able to work earned a comfortable living providing services and building first rate products made in the USA. When I was a kid, millionaires, billionaires and huge corporations paid their fair share of taxes and considered it a privilege to live the American dream. That’s how we created freeway systems, National Parks, modern cities and rockets, and became the greatest nation the world has ever known. When I was a kid, folks who were bat sh-t crazy were institutionalized for their own safety.  Today they get online and run for President. Keep your change.  Give me back the ‘50s. SC

Monday, May 25, 2015


And God Bless America, 
Land of The Free & The Brave.

In my mind...

 Me & the Misses, once upon a time

In my mind, I enjoy spending time in old Hangtown.  Every so often I indulge in a fully fledged flight of fantasy. During such times it’s good to use a degree of caution. Caution however, like most everything, is best used in moderation. Too much fantasy can cloud a fellow’s judgment, but a steady diet of reality could kill a goat. SC