Tuesday, August 21, 2012


It may not be morning in America, but it’s time to wake up! Yes, this is another political post. This is only Facebook, you’re not obliged to read it. So, you’re frustrated and disgusted with the barrage of negative ads.  I don’t blame you, who isn’t?  But don’t let that keep you from voting.  This election is way too important. I have a few; hopefully productive thoughts to share, and then I’ll leave you to enjoy your America’s Got Talent reruns. First of all, many of you have noticed, politics has changed.  Neither party exists today in its original form.  These are not your granddad’s political parties, they’ve morphed into cutthroat, and anything goes conglomerates, through an unimaginable infusion of money. This has left well-meaning people on all sides, maintaining loyalties to entities which no longer exist. I’m not suggesting you give up your party affiliation, but it’s time to revisit your support. Religion has also become increasingly entangled in politics.  I’d be the last one to suggest that you can separate your religious beliefs and convictions from your political views; nobody can.  I would suggest, before you vote based on some religious bias you picked up from your dear, old granddad’s corn-fed faith, first read Christ’s message for yourself and make certain your views are rooted in Christ’s message of compassion and mercy from actual scripture, and not just some bigoted nonsense that someone passed on because it was family tradition and widely accepted in the community. If you’re entirely fed up with all the candidates, just familiarize yourself with the party platforms, and then support the candidates whose platform best reflects your vision for the country. It’s your country and your future that are at stake.  I’d love to keep this all neat and nonpartisan, but I can’t. We have a president who has taken an economy from the brink of disaster and slowly but steadily achieved improvement, and we have a candidate who has offered only obstruction.  We have a president who believes everyone should have affordable health care, and we have a candidate who once believed that, before he changed his mind.  We have a president who believes women are competent to make their own health care decisions, and we have a candidate who once believed that, before he changed his mind. We have a President who supports sustainable Social Security, and we have a candidate who agrees with the Tea Party’s assertion that Social Security represents an unnecessary drain on their income and should be privatized.  We have a President who realizes that being blessed with citizenship in the greatest country in the world offers benefits, and that people of means should contribute toward the expense of those benefits, and we have a candidate who keeps his money overseas to hide income and avoid taxes.  I support our President and I encourage you to do the same.  SC

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