Tuesday, August 7, 2012


The most divisive, polarizing, irreconcilable issue in our society today is abortion. Abortion is horrendous, and anyone who believes otherwise is misinformed.  But picture a hungry and unwanted child surrounded by squalor, with a halo of flies and a filthy, maggot filled diaper, crying pitifully to a mother who no longer cares.  Picture this mother already pregnant again, and multiply this horrific scene by unimaginable numbers. Picture a 12 year old girl, already the victim of sexual abuse, and now facing the trauma of an unwanted pregnancy while she herself is only an innocent child. This too is abhorrent. The answer is not to hate those who believe each of these scenarios is unacceptable. The answer is to take every peaceful, positive, productive step necessary to minimize both scenarios. If passionate people on both sides of this issue come together in a reasonable, constructive effort to address, not just the symptoms, but the underlying problems, one of our country's darkest chapters is behind us.  SC

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