Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Choose one. It couldn't be more simple.

On one hand, the upcoming election is wildly complicated and unpredictable, turning on a poorly turned phrase here, an unexpected stock market bump there, and all variety of unforeseeable circumstances.  On the other hand, it couldn’t be more simple. We’ll either elect people who will continue our recovery, investing in our country, rebuilding the middle class, and  reinforcing the American ideals of liberty and justice for all; or we’ll elect people who will write off the middle class entirely, sucking the last dime from our economy and squirreling it neatly away in their own offshore accounts.  This election can be about a few hot button issues that rarely affect most of us, or it can be about our vision for our future. We can elect people who reach out in civility in search of constructive answers to the difficult questions which confront us, or we can elect those who deliberately widen the growing abyss, finding fault, promoting hatred, and accumulating unimaginable power and wealth.  Which would you prefer?  SC 

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