Monday, August 13, 2012


Evidently there are actually people in our country today who are comfortable with the idea that, in their war against socialism, the poor and the elderly are simply collateral damage.  Do you believe that? This may be a good time for a reality check.  Take a moment and envision your grandparents or some other elderly couple that you hold dear, rummaging frantically through their home in search of their keys and teeth, and hoping to get a ride into their jobs, at some fast food place or Wal*Mart’s third shift. Have you got that picture in your mind?  Can you see people who’ve spent 30 or 40 years in the workforce, now faced to reenter it, because they’ve had their Social Security and Medicare benefits stolen?  Bear in mind, in many cases these are elderly, semi senile people, arthritic and plagued with pains, and now they’re faced with finding new jobs in an impossible job market, or starving to death and becoming just one more embarrassing statistic. This is not the America I know.  The Americans I know, particularly people of means who profess to be Christians, would be willing to chip in a few bucks each month to make certain this godforsaken scenario never happens. Of course, I could be wrong, come November I guess we’ll find out.  SC

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