Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A festive visit to the Republican Convention

Last night we were treated to a festive visit to the Republican Convention.  Mrs. Romney was clearly passionate and well rehearsed in her insistence that, despite all appearances, her husband is a human being.  I for one am convinced.  I wish the Romney family all the best, and remain convinced that, given the opportunity, the Romney family is entirely willing and well prepared to repopulate the entire planet should that prove necessary.          Personally, I found Mr. Christie less convincing, although I agree, Mr. Christie is not easy to love.  Mr. Christie suggested that, in his opinion, the civic minded teachers and professional service providers of our country are entirely satisfied with stagnant, insufficient salaries, and that they’re entirely content to continue providing their services well past the age of 70, and that, in any case, they don’t do it for the money anyway. That seems unlikely to me, but we will take Mr. Christie at his word.  Mr. Christie further suggests, that the senior citizens of our country are also extremely civic minded, and would gladly work at some fast food place or on Wal*Mart’s third shift, without insurance or benefits of any kind, well into their 70s, in order to see to it that multimillionaires can receive additional tax relief.  Again I am skeptical, but who am I to argue with Mr. Christie?  And finally Mr. Christie insists it doesn’t really matter how we got here. And this too may be entirely accurate, if it’s also true that the entire country is too ignorant to learn from a series of gross miscalculations which have bankrupted the country for generations and left a huge portion of the population homeless.  SC

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