Thursday, February 26, 2015

Seemingly endless summers

There’s no sense denying it.
There’s lots of stuff I miss:
Like dancing till I’m soaking wet,
And parting,with a cola scented kiss;

Seemingly endless summers,
Exploring the creek with my coon,
Snipe hunts with the neighbor kids,
Beneath a harvest moon;

Sending away for plastic toys
With cereal box tops I’d saved,
Weekend trips to Tahoe
Before the roads were paved;

Knowing that my momma’s hug
Cured problems great and small,
Be it new math or little girls,
Who didn’t return my call;

Picnics up to Wentworth,
Aunt Macie’s chili beans,
Climbing granite boulders
Till I wore out all my jeans;

Our very first horse, old Patches,
Her canter in a race,
Her powerful strides beneath me,
With the wind upon my face;

Dear friends in the neighborhood,
Hot Jello from a cup,
Our dandy dog, ol’ Rebel,
When he was just a pup;

Marshmallows on graham crackers,
And chocolate galore,
Roasting on a campfire,
While watering mouths anticipated more.

Swimming high Sierra streams
In snowmelt, bright and blue,
Palms caressing while professing
Love forever true;

Holding great grandmother’s hands,
Her blue, pulsating veins,
Marveling at her heritage,
Her youthful joys and unimaginable pains;

The firmness of Dad’s handshake,
The belief he’d live forever.
Thank God for eternal bonds,
Not even death can sever;

Gazing in my dear wife’s eyes,
When she still thought me grand,
When our whole lives lay before us,
And we faced each day together hand in hand;

Those days when both our kids were home,
And each new day brought joy,
The moment that the Doc announced,
Your wife is fine. Your baby is a boy;

Holding our precious daughter,
Swaddled all in pink,
Showing her off to Mom and Dad,
And relishing my father’s blissful wink;

The day my little girl was wed,
Walking her down the aisle,
That first Christmas with our son-in-law,
And my daughter’s blushing smile;

Youthful romance,
Carefree years,  
First embraces,
Kissing away my bride’s elated tears.

Thank you, God for memories,
And the innocence of youth.
Thanks for hope and faith and love,
And incontestable Truth.

Thank you for your Blessings, Lord,
Through everything I’ve done.
May my life reflect Thy mercy, Lord,
And each day find me following Your Son.

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