Thursday, February 26, 2015


Passionate opponents shaking hands,
Bipartisan agreement,
Civility and Compromise,
With Handshakes every bit as firm as cement;

Men of every faith and creed,
Embracing just as brothers,
Minister’s preaching from The Word,
With partisan politics strictly left to others;

Politicians serving Country,
Never swayed by greed or money,
But pursuing their forefather’s dream,
Of a peaceful land overflowing with milk and honey;

The perishable torch of liberty,
Impervious and strong,
Tended, celebrated and
Passed faithfully along;

Ignited by founding fathers,
As the goal for which we strive,
Worthy of all sacrifice;
It falls to us to keep that flame alive;

A government of, by and for the people
Bound by freedom’s call;
Unified by our mutual pursuit
Of Truth, Justice and Liberty for all.

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