Thursday, February 5, 2015


Faith alone won’t keep us warm,
Or shelter us from rain.
Through faith we see beyond the storm.
We glimpse blue skies again.

Faith doesn’t keep the storms away.
The clouds aren’t really gone.
Through faith we smile anyway.
Through faith we carry on.

Faith doesn’t promise fairness,
Or excuse how others live,
But faith can bolster empathy.
Through faith we can forgive.

Like love, faith hopes, faith can preserve.
The Book says God is love.
Through faith we’re spared what we deserve.
Through faith we rise above.

Love, like God, is infinite,
Rejoicing in the Truth,
Inherent in each one of us.
We know love from our youth.

Love dispels all questions.
Compassion trumps all doubt.
Love can’t dismiss all sorrows,
But love helps ease them out.

Some question Faith and Deity,
Denying God above,
Disdaining forces they can’t see,
But no one questions love.

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