Friday, February 13, 2015


My great granddad, Calvin Casebeer

Deep in his heart, Great Grandpa was a gentle soul.
Still Calvin left to fight the Civil War.
The cause was just he felt to keep the Union whole.
He only fought to live in peace once more.

His granddads served the nations cause of liberty.
He understood just causes must prevail.
He reconciled his conscience to his destiny.
Compared to freedom, other passions pale.

He felt that freedom surely was each heart’s desire.
He’d strive to pass the torch of liberty.
Within his heart he fanned the flames of freedom’s fire.
He’d risk his life that every soul be free.

The land he loved was forged by bonds of unity.
He’d raise its flag and answer duty’s call.
Within his heart he knew each soul sought dignity.
He’d serve the cause of liberty for all.

He felt regardless of their creed or heart’s desire,
Each soul should share and honor freedoms prize.
He lifted high the truth, to which great men aspire,
And Calvin died with freedom in his eyes.

Shannon Thomas Casebeer
“Londonderry Air”
February 13, 2015

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