Saturday, July 2, 2016


Lately I’ve heard numerous concerned citizens pose the following question: What has gone wrong with this country and how did it get this way? They believe our best days are behind us. I, of course, can only offer my own humble opinion. I disagree. I believe this great nation suffers today from the same malady that has, from its inception, made America the wonder of the world. Today, as always, we suffer from growing pains, unprecedented prosperity and a desire on the part of sincere and compassionate Americans to promote and manage this remarkable achievement in a way that is sustainable, fair and equitable for all our citizens. We’ve gotten this way because, as a democracy, when we vote, we elect leaders who reflect and represent a voting populace whose views are as diverse and varied as one would expect from a population comprised of every conceivable faith, heritage, ethnicity and nationality on the planet. As a result, today the principles that made America great are stronger than ever, our ideals increasingly resolute, our future brighter and our liberty the envy of the civilized world. The vast, moderate, middle of our electorate may not be prepared to march for the advancement of justice. But, once advanced, the majority will recognize and sustain it. The American ideals of Liberty and Justice are forged in the fires of scripture and tempered by the ages.  Many people have dedicated their lives to the freedoms we Americans enjoy today.  Honor their sacrifice. Honor our veterans and all those who choose a life of service.  In all things, promote liberty for all and justice tempered by mercy. Take pride in your heritage, but value the traditions of others. America’s greatest strength is diversity. Celebrate diversity and keep America strong. SC

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