Saturday, July 2, 2016

America's Best Hope...

The vast, moderate middle of our country is the product of generations of Americans who have dedicated themselves and their efforts to the ideals and principles of our country’s founding fathers, and the impassioned patriots who’ve carried that message forward. As a result, despite the hysteria reflected by much of the media today, America is now stronger than ever. Now, unlike ever before, America is a government of, by and for a people, unified by the faiths of our fore fathers, devoted to the proposition that we are each created equal, and dedicated to the pursuit of liberty and justice for all. During this election year, many are concerned if not distressed by the antics of some of history’s most colorful candidates and the polls which suggest that large numbers of our electorate share their eccentricity. Do not despair. While fringe elements and disruptive segments of our society generate much of the noise and the news, our vast, moderate middle decides elections. Regardless of partisan differences and the election results, America's best hope remains in the education, reason and resiliency of our young people, and their continued pursuit of America’s time-honored ideals. Our youth, for the most part, are steeped in our history, enlightened by our mistakes, encouraged by our achievements and  absolutely determined to do better.  SC  

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