Friday, July 1, 2016

Do you know where your mind is today?

Do you know where your mind is today?  If left unattended, minds tend to wander to places they need not be. Set aside a bright, roomy section of your mind and fill it with all your best memories. Keep it clean and it will serve you well.  Share it with your Deity, whatever you perceive Him to be. Be mindful of your example to others; it’s your most effective testimony.  Value truth and consider the cost of deceit.  Be open to affection but wary of unwholesome pleasures. And do not be deceived. Deceit is ephemeral; lies and indiscretions will eventually come to light. Every action has a consequence.  When considering any action, think the scenario through to its logical conclusion. You can never undo a thoughtless deed, and carelessly sewn seed produce a ponderous harvest.  Anything that you are unable to do in good conscience and moderation, do not do.  Eat nutritiously and judiciously, burning more calories than you consume to the extent you are able, and you’ll be healthier, more industrious, more prosperous, profoundly gratified, and gut wrenchingly contented.  It’s what all the ages have striven for. Sharpen your awareness of the natural wonders which surround us and encourage its appreciation by others. Be cognizant of life’s cycles, appreciating each new season in turn, while realizing fully that, despite our best efforts, time is resolute.  With time, each season will pass.  Embrace each new season with hope and optimism while retaining your very best memories of seasons past.  Remember always that you are as good as any and better than none. Be just, merciful, humble, and be happy.  SC

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