Monday, October 8, 2012

Well now it’s time to vote, and guess what?

While it’s true that each of us is a unique product of our environment and life experience, most of us have one thing in common.  We've all done our time in the workforce.  Many of us have worked for big corporations.  We've manned our post at a factory, or stood for long, thankless hours flipping burgers, or put in time as an associate at a super-center.  In those capacities, we've all been required to bend over and meet our employer’s needs. We've worked nights, or weekends, or holidays, often for minimum wage.  We've had our leave requests denied, seen our insurance rates go through the roof, and gotten that annual evaluation that clearly suggests that we’re not particularly valued.  At the same time, we've watched our “superiors” drive their BMW to their luxurious home in a gated community, and we've smiled courteously in response to their smug, dismissive glance as we've passed them in the parking lot on our way to collect the kids at the sitter and head home to the double wide. Well now it’s time to vote, and guess what, while it’s true that there are a few controversial issues that don’t actually affect most of us, and it’s easy to be turned off by convoluted and contemptuous TV ads, it’s not really that complicated.  We can vote for candidates who represent we the people, who support our causes, respect our choices, and understand that some of us occasionally need a hand up, or we can vote for candidates who believe that corporations are people too, and that as long as corporations are making big bucks, and the CEO can drive his BMW, then everything’s fine and all the rest of us don’t really matter.  I know how I’m voting, how about you?  SC

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