Monday, October 29, 2012

I paused to press my whiskers against the glass.

Here, in my natural habitat in the Ozarks, Democrats are increasingly illusive.   Occasional mistreatment by a suspicious and disapproving public has left us wary, and prone to be reclusive and nocturnal.  With public Sightings ever rarer, any prolonged exposure is received with a good deal of curiosity, and as such, will almost inevitably draw a crowd. During a recent trip to McDonald's  I’d been pacing nervously in front of the condiments, and was sunning myself and stretching at the window.  Becoming suddenly aware of a group of amused children congregating outside, I paused to press my whiskers against the glass.  Eventually, following a good deal of encouragement from her giggling and inquisitive comrades, a little girl approached cautiously to within what she considered a safe distance, scrutinized me with obvious  fascination, and then snapped my photo and offered me a peanut.  It was altogether gratifying, and I soaked it up with relish, before slinking to my corner to clean my paws.  I mean fingers!  SC

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