Friday, October 4, 2013

A pale and powerless substitute

This little testimony is very likely ill-advised, much too easily misconstrued, and almost certain to offend someone, but I’m going to share it anyway. Throughout my life I’ve heard that everyone has a gift.  I’ve spent most of my life wanting very much to believe that, and desperately hoping to discover what mine is. When I was a boy I received a dandy scar on my hand.  I was helping my dad salvage some old barn lumber when I carelessly tossed a weathered, old two by four and in the process drove a 16 penny nail deep into my hand. As childhood injuries go, this one was not particularly serious, but it left me with a nail scarred hand, which for me, has been an ever-present reminder of the nail scarred hand of my Savior, and the hope, peace and joy His sacrifice makes available to each and every one of us through faith. For me, my insignificant childhood injury is emblematic of my Savior and His unconditional love. At best, my hand is a pale and powerless substitute for the nail scarred hand of Christ, but God has performed remarkable works with less.  If and when God chooses, I’d like to believe He might touch one heart through mine.  In any case, it’s in that spirit and with humble heart that I offer it to any who’ll have it. SC

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