Monday, January 28, 2013


Gone the days when summer sun
Seemed golden benediction,
Those glorious rays had best been shunned;
Their benefits, but fiction.

The blissful burns received with joy,
Brushed off as merely blisters,
Thought empty threats as girls and boys,
Today breed moles and fissures.

Gone the carefree summer days,
When youth would find a way,
Spent surely as the summer haze,
And where is hope today?

Bright futures sought with confidence,
Bold dreams that we’d fulfill,
Once boasted of in innocence,
Now mute and deathly still.

Reflect we now in solitude,
Where once in crowds we’d tarry,
Repentant now in somber mood,
Where once our days were merry.

Grant now these hours not linger long,
Our goal today, sweet peace.
And mercy all we count upon,
Our hope today, release.

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