Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pity Rather Than Petulance

The eclectic, dynamic, philosophical populace which comprises the vast middle and virtual heart of this incomparable republic knows well where we’ve been, appreciates where we’re at, and anticipates with great hope where we are going.  It’s sad that some won’t follow, but it’s time to let them go, and strive onward ever onward toward our goal. Our goal, much like that of our nation’s founding fathers, is quite simple: a more perfect union, and the greatest degree of liberty achievable within a framework of just laws, assistance for those who require assistance, and fundamental environmental safeguards. Despite their obstructionism, those who oppose our goals must be held blameless. Some are led by their better angels to rise above their ignorance and base, primordial natures and strive for high ideals, while others, by their natures, are unable. It’s not their fault, and we must feel pity rather than petulance for them, but we must under no circumstances allow them to hinder us from our cause or rob us of our joy in its pursuit.  SC 

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