Monday, January 21, 2013

Genesis 8:21 “And the Lord smelled a sweet savour.”

Inauguration Day
January 21st, 2013

Jesus has a table spread where the saints of God are fed,
He invites His chosen people, “Come and dine”;
With His manna He doth feed, and supplies there every need:
Oh tis sweet to sup with Jesus all the time.
“Come and dine,” the Master calleth, “Come and dine”;
You may feast at Jesus’ table all the time;
He who fed the multitude, turned the water into wine,
To the hungry calleth now, “Come and dine.”
Charles B. Widmeyer, 1907

The old tale of the stone soup seems strangely appropriate for today.  As our story begins there are hungry times in the land, as an amiable, enterprising and remarkably optimistic young man carefully prepares a small fire, places a pot of water to simmer and, after a small crowd has assembled, selects a nice, smooth stone from the river bank, places it in the pot and, smiling patiently, waits.  Soon a curious onlooker licks his lips and anxiously requests a taste, a request immediately granted when the onlooker agrees to a small contribution, something reasonable and within his means, a gesture of good faith.
Then, one after another, others succumb to their curiosity, joining in the procession as the sumptuous fare slowly collects ingredients. There are potatoes from Ireland, Fine wines from Spain, spices from Italy and the Far East, delicious produce from coast to coast, and contributors with contributions from each and every culture around the world.  Some contribute much, others little and some provide only their appetite and goodwill, but it’s unthinkable now that any should go away hungry. America’s melting pot is much like this today. “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”, the invitation shines likes Liberty’s torch itself. And, as with membership in any grand and glorious enterprise with unparalleled benefits, there are dues to be paid. The fire is hot, the soup on simmer, appetites piqued and the table finely spread. The feast awaits and a fabulous future beckons.  Don’t be left out.  SC

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