Saturday, December 1, 2012

Okay. It’s December 1st, and countdown to the 21st begins.

I wish the Mayans had been more specific regarding the exact hour, so I knew whether or not it will be necessary to set my alarm so as not to miss the kick off. I marvel at the jubilation with which many seem to anticipate the culmination of this dire, devastating, and decidedly dubious prediction. I’m confident that many do so with the expectation that they themselves will be spared, and others, with the sincere hope they won’t.  I myself have mixed feelings.  On one hand, the prospect of being dispatched prior to the successful completion of the wife’s honey-do list weighs ponderously on my already overburdened conscience.  On the other hand, anything that promises to preempt TV football, animated Christmas specials, and interminable reruns of “Two and a half men” can’t be all bad. SC

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