Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Genitalia Based Society

Someone asked if I was not surprised and disgusted that gays and lesbians were gradually winning the right to marry, not at all. Liberty and justice for all, as guaranteed by our country’s historical documents, has long been this nation’s goal, and we've made slow but steady progress toward achieving that goal.  In a perfect world, no one’s civil liberties should be based on, or restricted by their genitalia.  Who one chooses to marry is a natural extension of that premise.  Bigotry and intolerance have always been and will always be an affront to justice, and, according to the Bible, mercy and justice will always prevail in the end. 
   It’s been suggested that, in order to marry, couples should be required to testify under oath that between them they have a minimum of one or maximum of two functioning testicles. I’m not certain these criteria are entirely relevant.  If so, having succumbed to a vasectomy myself, my own nuptials may be at risk. Of course, if functionality is not imperative, marbles may suffice. SC

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