Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving 1991

I wanted to share a message of faith for the Holidays.  It’s been a difficult year and I wanted to offer hope.  As I struggled to come up with something appropriate, someone found and commented on my post from last Christmas. It touched my heart and I share it with you now:

I have a quick story for you. My dad passed away in November. He had cancer and was in bed at home and assisted by hospice care during his last few weeks. I spent most of his last week at his bedside in their sun room, and was holding his hand when he drew and released his final breath. It was extremely traumatic. Last night was the first time since then that I dreamed about Dad. I dreamed he and Mom and I had a good visit on their sofa. It was good to see him again, looking healthy and happy. This morning I took Mom to town to get her hair cut and do some shopping. She said, “Shannon, I had the best dream! I heard a commotion outside, and when I went to the window, the whole yard was full of angels. I went to the sun room to look out the other window, and your dad was there. We hugged, and then we all sat on the couch and had the best visit. Your dad looked so happy and healthy!"    We'd both shared the same dream about my Dad last night.

My wish for you this Christmas Season is that you too might be visited by angels, touched by God, and filled with Faith and Love.  Your Friend, Shannon  

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