Monday, November 14, 2011

Do Yourself a Favor

People Are Hurting
It’s me again.  I know; I’ve been pretty wordy lately.  I apologize.  I mean well. As another year winds down, I’d dearly love to say or do something useful and constructive. For a stove-up, poverty-stricken, half senile senior citizen, that’s a tall order.  Here’s my proposition. I believe this one suggestion has the potential to make this Christmas season a little brighter for everyone. It’s not a new concept. Like me, it’s old and simple. I’ve looked around some, and I’ve made an observation; every single soul in the world is hurting.  I know I’m hurting.  I suspect you’re hurting.  Rich men, poor men, beggar men and thieves are all hurting. I’m not asking you to invest a dime of your money or a minute of your time. Just take a second to contemplate the fact that everyone hurts.  Not to be pessimistic, but I can guarantee you, if you know one single solitary individual who isn’t hurting now, their time of hurting is coming. Here’s my suggestion, with that in mind, during the next few months, cut people a little slack. I’m not asking you to love everyone, but make a conscious effort not to hate them.  It’s already a mighty hard world. Do yourself a favor and try not to make it worse. For the next few months, when someone says something stupid, smile and keep your mouth shut, show a little compassion, and realize they’re unhappy and they hurt.

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