Tuesday, January 25, 2011

High School

When grammar school is over, you relax; you've reached your goal,
But summer passes quickly and you’re in the same old role,
Of a student of geography, of history, and of math,
And once more you humor enemies and friends and teacher’s wrath.
Now enemies are expendable; they’re often pretty dense,
But what do you do when your mixed up friends have their laughs at your expense?
From club initiations, you smell of rotten eggs!
Your homecoming float was massacred, and your class princess has bony legs!
In driver’s education, you run a traffic light.
Your instructor takes his pencil out and things are getting tight!
You slow it down a little; you know you’re on your own.
Then you find you’re doing 25 in a 65 mile zone.
You try to gain attention, but you’re not paid any heed.
All you gain is responsibility, and you think you have all you need!
You desperately seek companionship; you ask a girl to a dance.
But during the preceding football game you spill Coke down your pants!
You ask her if she’d like to dance; you’re not sure she’ll accept.
When she does her face turns hemorrhoid blue, ‘cause on her foot you’ve stepped!
You have important things to say, but the dance draws to its ends,
And you stare at your feet with your teeth clenched, for fear your breath offends.
Money’s scarce without a job. You’re not sure what to do!
And everybody overflows with great advice for you.
There are times you wish would never end and times you’d like to curse!
And Dad’s favorite admonition is: enjoy it; it just gets worse!

'70 RULES!

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