Friday, January 28, 2011

From Reservoir Hill

Elie walked out to Reservoir Hill, with me first thing this morning.  Half way there we walked up on a squirrel.  Seconds later he was out of sight and you could only here him wiz!  Elie lit out like she was near starvation and that squirrel was smoked and drippin’ ‘possum gravy!  About the time she reached cruisin’ speed; she lost her feet in a big ol’ pile of leaves, did two mighty inspirin’ barrel-rolls, a couple of first-class loop-the-loops, and hit the ground, runnin’ in the wrong direction! After a second she saw her mistake, slid to a stop and collapsed in humiliation!  ‘Course, by then, that squirrel was up a hickory tree, grinning like a pig in a pie safe!  Pa 


  1. Baaahahahahaha! This really made me laugh. I can picture it perfectly- I've seen something very similar happen before! Poor Elie!! She tries so hard to catch those vermin, but she doesn't realize she's not a puppy anymore! Silly girl- that squirrel got the best of her. Wish I could have seen her humiliated face and given her a cookie once we got back home.

  2. I've read this three times now and snorted with laughter each time. Last time I nearly cried cause I miss my Eleanor so much. ...but I'm glad she has some nice Casebeers to take care of her.