Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bad Bear! Go Home!

During our evening’s reconnaissance, we most always left the camp set up and unattended, and rarely during our absence was anything disturbed.  There were however, two notable exceptions.  One minor incident occurred when we returned to camp to find a regiment of marauding raccoons pilfering and practicing maneuvers in my picnic basket.  Another considerably more unnerving episode took place back in Bryce Canyon, when we returned from a hike to find a black bear sprawled contentedly in the back seat of my jitney!  Having discarded everything inedible from the back seat, the young scoundrel was reclining placidly in the middle of my black, leather, tuck & roll upholstery, with his prehensile tongue investigating the bottom of a half empty jar of tomato preserves. Fortunately for all concerned, the little whippersnapper had already dined adequately so as to satisfy his voracious appetite, so Lidge’s sound scolding was sufficient to send him packing. It may have been Lidge’s scolding, or it may have been me, frantically waving a stick at him from atop the hood of Lidge’s roadster! Obie's Quest

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