Friday, August 5, 2016

I’m not an economist, but the problem with our economy today is not rocket science. Our difficulties today are not the result of a broken system.  They are the result of greed, corruption and abuse. Our economy today suffers from the effects of trickledown economics and those who support and sustain it. Its supporters argue that allowing corporations and the very privileged among us to absorb the vast majority of our country’s wealth will result is that currency trickling slowly down to those who perform the labor. Rarely do those who perform these tedious, backbreaking tasks enjoy the fruits of their labors. The vast majority of wealth created by their efforts goes directly to the spoiled aristocrats who sprawl on their ever-widening posteriors, collecting their perks, thumbing their noses, and enjoying what others provide through daily toil. Every budget, whether it is household, state, or federal, relies on cash flow in order to function. Because of the ineffectiveness, greed and abuses of trickledown economics, we have no cash flow today.  The vast majority of this country’s wealth flows directly to the top and stays there. This fall we have a choice.  We can continue enabling the apathy, contempt and indifference of the privileged class, or we can support those who advocate fair and equitable policies intended to reward those who actually support our system.  SC

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