Thursday, January 7, 2016

It's never a good idea to monkey with the bible!

It’s never a good idea to monkey with the bible.  You’re unlikely to improve on the original, and you’re almost certain to tick somebody off.  That being said, early versions were derived from ancient tales told around campfires down through the millennia, and if you enjoy storytelling, it’s an irresistible challenge to take a stab at it yourself.


In the beginning, there was a tiny, ageless, spark, and the dark, foreboding void of its antithesis. Then came the first faint tick in primordial time. Light expanded, darkness drew back, and all of creation burst into illumination.

Through time, mists formed droplets, droplets formed seas, and primeval waters lapped at smoldering shores. Darkness and light formed seasons and cycles and the spirit of God shone brightly on creation.  Atoms formed cells, cells formed substance, and an awesome force breathed life into myriad forms.

Thus, seasons and cycles, darkness and light interacted down through the ages. Life developed consciousness, consciousness knowledge, and knowledge gives hope to those who acknowledge the light. SC

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