Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Over the last few months, many have become passionately caught up in partisan politics.  I’m as guilty as the rest. That’s probably as it should be; it’s an important election. In a matter of weeks the election will be behind us.  Some will be very happy, others will not.  Regardless of who wins, the business of government will no doubt continue, and we’ll be left to redirect our passion. As important to our country’s future as the results of those hard fought elections, is how we choose to reinvest that passion.  There is much that is good about this remarkable country.  There is much that is great. My plan following the election is to reexamine what I like best about our great nation, and then support it, celebrate it, and invest my time, energy, and passion in it, until it’s the very best that my contribution can make it. If we all do that, then America’s best days are indeed ahead, and our government of by and for the people will shine a light for the whole world to see.  SC

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