Friday, September 28, 2012


Don’t just “let freedom ring”, take a hand in it.  Get a grip, bear down, and ring freedom for the world to hear. Clearly America’s collective conscience, as reflected by our chosen leaders, requires constant scrutiny and surveillance.  Even in a democracy of, by, and for the people, justice and equality are only as perfect as the conscience of that people.  Even America’s grand and glorious democracy reflects not only our goodness, but our greed.  Freedom is not a privilege to be taken lightly.  Freedom is a right and a responsibility, a perishable torch to be diligently tended and faithfully passed along.  Freedom burns within our hearts, ignited by the founding fathers, and it falls to us to keep that flame alive. America’s most trusted and time-honored institutions are only as righteous as the hearts of our citizens, our most godly leaders, only as just as the collective conscience of their constituents, and the most telling measure of a nation’s heart is the compassion of its people. VOTE!  SC

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