Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Real Republican

There appears to be some confusion in our Country today, regarding what it means to be a Republican.  Abraham Lincoln was a Republican.  Ulysses S. Grant was a Republican.  Teddy Roosevelt was a Republican.  These men believed in God and Country.  They devoted their lives to the cause of Liberty and Justice for all. They regulated banks, established parks, and supported a system of taxation, through which all those who shared in the American dream, benefited from, and contributed toward that dream. There’s absolutely no question that some of this Country’s greatest Presidents were Republicans.  But get real! A real Republican would be embarrassed by the behavior of many today. Real Republicans don’t support secession. They’ve not divorced multiple wives. They don’t entirely reverse their own passionately held positions for political purposes.  They don’t resort to unethical if not illegal means in order to avoid paying their taxes.  And they don’t slander, condemn and dishonor the office of President, over petty, partisan grievances. They respect the office of President regardless of who currently holds the office, and they conduct themselves with dignity, civility, and deference toward all those who dedicate themselves to the causes of freedom, Justice, and public service. It’s possible that a real Republican couldn’t be elected by an electorate who revolt against paying their fare share of taxes, and who feel absolutely no responsibility to contribute toward the legitimate expenses of maintaining the greatest nation in the world. It’s possible that a real Republican would appear too reasonable and moderate to appeal to the self-serving, every man for himself mentality that is prevalent in much of our electorate today. But you show me a real Republican, and then we’ll talk.  
S. T. Casebeer

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