Saturday, December 3, 2011

"Liberty and Justice For All"

Freedom “Liberty and Justice for ALL”, only works within a framework of rules.  That’s unquestionably true, and not complicated.  It remains true on any and every level.  If you take a dozen children and place them in a playground with a ball, unless rules are enforced, it’s not long until the biggest boys have the ball, and everyone else is sprawled on the ground or in the nurses’ office. The same holds true for society, democracy, our economy, and civilization in general.  There are those among us who insist that rules are unnecessary and tend to hold them back.  They insist the game only works when they have the ball. Their rule is the law of the jungle, where only the strong survive. They’re not actually interested in liberty and justice for all.  They don’t care about America, and they don’t care about you. They’re only interested in making certain they have the ball.  America only works when everyone gets to play. America needs leaders who are willing to enforce the rules and make certain everyone plays by them, even the big boys. America needs people who pay attention and vote.  Liberty and justice for all, relies on you. Wake up, pay attention and vote. We’re coming up fast on halftime and the big boys have your balls.

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