Monday, August 29, 2011

Will The Real Shannon Thomas Casebeer Please Stand Up

My name is Shannon Thomas Casebeer, and I’m about to say some things for which I will undoubtedly take some heat.  I’ve already shown questionable judgment by just posting my picture.  That gesture alone, almost certainly guarantees that someone will label me narcissistic and egotistical, words which at best, I’m barely able to say.  Fair enough!  It’s my blog. Whose photo do you suggest I post?  In any case, there’s a reason for posting my photo here.  Through time, the internet has become lightly seasoned with photos of me at varying stages of my life from 6 months to 60.  This photo is me, now.  This December, I’ll turn 60.  It’s been a long, difficult road.  Besides the ravages of 60 debilitating years, this weathered old rawhide has come through polio, skin cancer, a hernia surgery, two cervical surgeries, osteoarthritis, over thirty unappreciated, incapacitating years in the workforce, and numerous other various and sundry afflictions. I’ve been dumped off horses, donkeys, motorcycles, tree houses, pogo sticks and countless other gut jarring conveyances. The fact that I’m still standing at all, has got to be a testament to something!

   Now, on to the point at hand: Every time I post anything to the internet, my family joins simultaneously in an agonized grimace and a long, synchronized shudder!  ‘What now?” they lament.  “Please don’t post about politics or religion!”  Well, guess what? This blog now contains almost 12 months worth of my views on religion and politics, and other more salient matters.  If I can’t get on someone’s toes, with a benediction like this, I may as well hang it up and just go fishin’!   If you’re sufficiently foolhardy to peruse any of it, keep it to yourself, and please don’t tell my family!
Too be continued…

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  1. Im sorry your family is ashamed/embarassed by you.

    The very point of this country is to have freedom.

    To say what you want, about whatever you want. (Within the guidelines of the law of course.)

    Id say, tell them to not read it, as is their right.

    Do they whine to the newspaper wgen they dont like the topic of an article?? Or, do they just skip it?