Friday, March 25, 2011

My Prayer

Give me a corner of God’s green earth
Where I can watch each season’s birth,
And hear the March wind’s serenade,
Or cool fall breeze as the pines are swayed;

Someplace where fall in long and fair,
Warm afternoons that I can share,
Cold autumn evenings, crisp and brief,
As early frost on golden leaf;

Where all the blessings God bestows
Are cherished as each season goes,
And all the things we truly love,
Are gifts to us from God above.

Give me a place where nature thrives,
Where God can touch my family’s lives,
Where spirit never hesitates
To love all things that God creates.

And if it be God’s will for me
To raise a Christian family,
As seasons change, from sun to sun,
Lord guide me, that Thy will be done.

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