Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Casebeer Boys

All of us have a thousand wishes: to be thinner, or bigger, or more prosperous, to have a cooler car, more free time, all the newest electronic gadgets, or to date someone really hot. A cancer patient has only one wish: to kick cancer's butt! In honor of all the precious souls who have already succumbed to cancer, or all those who are fighting cancer now, please join the fight. My son very nearly died of cancer; my dad did, and I've already had a number of skin cancers removed myself. Please join the fight against cancer now. Support The American Cancer Society.

My Ol’ Dad

We built a house in ‘82
Of pine and fir and Elmer’s Glue.
And a finer crew I never had;
We built it all, just me and Dad.

I drew the plans the best I could,
Of a country home, all made of wood.
I planned it grand as it could be,
And still be built by Dad and me.

Footings and all we dug by hand.
We laid it out just like I planned,
All the foundation, the floor and the rest,
We’d hammer, and figure, and hammer and rest.

We did all the plumbing and wiring and such.
My blisters had blisters from working so much.
We built all the trusses, till my fingers were numb!
Dad never once cussed when he hammered his thumb.

We both worked together, and when there was doubt,
We got out the books and we figured it out.
We never once fought, disagreed or got mad.
There’s no better crew than my ol’ Dad.

We worked as a team from fall until fall.
We stained all the siding and sheet rocked each wall.
We shingled the roof and we hung every door.
We worked all we could and a little bit more.

We worked in the rain and the cold and the heat.
When Mom brought our lunches, we’d stop and we’d eat.
She’d brag on our job, and we’d brag a bit too!
We were both pretty proud, and I’m sure Mom knew.

Now I live in that house with two kids and a wife.
We have a nice home and a real good life,
And a mighty fine house that we built out of pine,
Just me and my Dad, and we did just fine!

I remember that year that I worked with my Dad.
I remember the work and the fun that we had.
I remember the heat and the rainy weather.
I remember the time that we shared together.

I thank the Lord God for His help from above,
For all of my blessings, a home full of love,
And the very best crew that a guy ever had.
Thanks a lot Lord, for my ol’ Dad.

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