Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I realize that loving some of us is a tall order

Would you like to celebrate this Christmas season by experiencing the peace, reassurance and joy once provided by your youthful faith? As children, we approach Christmas in the unwavering belief that we are loved. It’s that belief that strengths our faith and fills the season with joyous expectation. As adults, the uncertainties inherent in life gradually take a toll on that assurance. It’s increasingly difficult to believe that we are loved. Only through faith can we reclaim that assurance. The Bible tells us if we would have God’s boundless affection, there’s but one condition: We must love God without restraint and each other without exception. I realize that loving some of us is a tall order, but considering the reward, I suspect it’s worth the effort. And, just between you and me, God doesn’t expect us to be 100% successful.  He only requires that we make an honest effort. I intend to try harder.  I suggest you do likewise.  Season’s Greetings. SC

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