Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Pathological Haters

Most of us are familiar with the term pathological, as in pathological liar.  The term pathological, simply means extreme in a way that is abnormal or that indicates an illness or mental problem of some kind. It seems obvious to me, not as an expert, but simply a longtime observer of life and human behavior, that there are those among us who are pathological haters. If so, while these people should not be subject to ridicule or derision as a result of their illness, it seems fair and reasonable to question their judgment and motives. As human beings, each of us is susceptible to being drawn into the behavior of those around us.  When those around us are happy, we’re inclined to be happy.  When they’re sad, our inclination is to accept that there is reason for sadness.  When those around us react to others with hostility, disgust and hatred, we can’t help but be influenced. My dad and mom always encouraged me to use my own head, and never give unwarranted credibility to the intolerance, bigotry and unfounded bias of others. That advice has always served me well. I believe that’s what Christ would do.  I suggest you do likewise. SC      

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