Sunday, March 8, 2015


Stark and leafless branches,
Festooned with buds of spring,
While robins dot the greening fields,
And unseen crickets sing;

Evergreen branches dripping ice,
Bright droplets melting snow,
While rivers crest their muddy banks
And tributaries flow;

Up above the timberline,
Granite boulders shed fresh sand,
That’s carried by the snowmelt
To create new spits of land;

Spring’s elixir swells the branches
Of sapling sprigs and shrubs,
While momma bear slips her winter den
To immerge with wrestling cubs;

Crocus struggling toward the light
Through dwindling drifts of snow,
While delighted children send up kites
As balmy breezes blow;

The sigh of old growth evergreens,
As evening breezes shift,
Trout feeding at the sparkling edge
Of an ice flow’s lazy drift;

The roaring of a waterfall
As rainbow mists drift by,
The primordial cry of eagles
And their circles in the sky;

All God’s creatures great and small
Shaking winter’s chills,
While meadows, lifeless days ago,
Erupt in daffodils;

Each one emblematic
Of a fresh, inviting spring,
Alive with opportunities
And all the hope they bring;

And at last the call of northbound geese,
Impervious and free,
Arousing primal passions,
Stirring souls and calling me.


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