Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Bounty and Blessings of God’s original Creation

I’m frequently bewildered by the attitude of some Christians who will insist passionately on one hand that the Lord created this planet, saw that it was good, and then created mankind as its caretakers, to dress and keep it. And then, in the next breath tell you they feel absolutely no responsibility to act as good stewards of the earth, because it’s all going to burn up anyway. Christians have anticipated the second coming of Christ for over two thousand years.  We may well continue doing so for two thousand more.  To me, it seems reasonable to believe that anyone professing to follow the teachings of Christ, doing justly, loving mercy and walking humbly with their God, would have compassion and empathy for the generations of mankind, and all creatures great and small, who will inherit an earth reflecting, dependant largely on our stewardship, either the bounty and blessings of God’s original creation, or an infested and withered shell. God expects us to be faithful stewards of everything with which He has entrusted us.  And, according to my Bible, there will come a day when we’ll each be held accountable. SC

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