Saturday, August 23, 2014


    Abraham Lincoln on a motorcycle. Oh my! I'll never forget Abraham! Abe was way ahead of me in school, but that didn't make no difference, and we was all in the one room anyhow. I remember his hat too. That was a dandy hat! He always wore that hat when we went to the theater. It held twice the popcorn of one of them big buckets. Mary never liked his hat. She said it made his ears look big. I never cared for Mary. SC

    George Warshington on a motorcycle.  Oh my!  I’ll never forget George.  Georgie was way older than us.  We’d see him at a dance or somethin’. The girls most always made fun of ‘im.  Said ya couldn’t hardly kiss ‘im that ya didn’t wind up with slivers.  Hogwash!  Georgie had perfectly good teeth.  He generally left ‘em home, but there wasn’t nothin’ wrong with ‘em.  And then there was that cherry tree incident.  More foolishness!  Why, Georgie had nothin’ what so ever to do with that.  I done that myself.  And to tell the honest truth, I’m glad I done it.  SC

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