Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A proud American and an unapologetic follower of Christ

I'm a proud American and an unapologetic follower of Christ. I believe in doing justly, loving mercy, and walking humbly with my God, and I respect the rights of others to walk with theirs.  My ancestors arrived in this country long before the Revolutionary War.  They sought freedom and worked diligently in its cause. I’m blessed to be a citizen of a country that cherishes and upholds the principles of liberty and justice for all.  I am not called as a follower of Christ to force others to conform to my view of morality. I’m called to walk the path I’m given in the light I’m given, and to share that light with those who’ll have it. If you glimpse in any of my humble and imperfect efforts the reflection of a merciful and compassionate Savior and follow Christ as a result, I’m gratified.  If you do not, that is my shortcoming not yours. SC

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