Friday, June 7, 2013

Beloved Ancestors?

I wrote a novel a few years back, and dedicated it as follows: “to my beloved ancestors, and the faith and fortitude that drove them to pursue their dreams.” I’ve been criticized by some, for suggesting that I feel actual affection for people I’ve never met.  I assure you that affection is very real.  My dear, departed grandparents shared with me stories and photos of their own grandparents, people who I’ve clearly never met, but for whom, because of those photos, sentiments, and stories, I feel genuine affection. Stranger still, and believe this or not, I feel genuine affection for someone who was scorned by society and crucified, thousands of years ago on a far away shore, someone who I’ve clearly never met. Perhaps it’s that very communion that explains my curious affection and peculiar devotion.    SC

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