Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Oh Happy Day!

Today seemed like a dandy day to till up a little garden.  I headed to the barn, praising my Maker and whistling all the while, the dog at my side and everything right with the world. First on the agenda was to back the old pickup out of the barn so I could get to the tiller.  The ’41 spat & sputtered and went into conniption! One of the plugs was fouled.  I just cleaned the plugs yesterday! Discouraged but still whistling, I cleaned the plugs again and backed from the barn. Next item of business was to gas up the tiller.  Foiled again! The rats had chewed the plastic cap off the gas can spout, and the mud daubers saw their chance and plugged it with mud! Well Jeez Louise! Resuming my enterprise some twenty minutes later, I gassed up the tiller and prepared to get under way.  Just a few pulls and the tiller fired right up.  Life is good when your equipment don’t drag ya down.  Thirty minutes later I’d tilled a few rows and was all puffed up with achievement, when all at once the tiller went into spasm!  The tines was all gummed up and choked with weeds! That just comes with the territory, and I should have seen it coming.  Finding an old hoof pick in the barn, I assumed the position and began unclogging tines.  One aching back and a couple skint knuckles later, I struggled to my feet, gave a pull on the starter, and the cord come out and lay limp on the ground at my feet.  The whistling quit and the dog and I went to the house.  Love, GRAMPS

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